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 Rice koji powder 100 g - Rice covered rice flour powder (Yamagata prefecture · Yonezawa rice use) Otama and special products While cherishing the "life force" originally possessed,From "god" which keeps...

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Rice koji powder 100 g - Rice covered rice flour powder (Yamagata prefecture · Yonezawa rice use) Otama and special products

 While cherishing the "life force" originally possessed,From "god" which keeps tradition from the Edo period in Yonezawa prefecture Yonezawa area,We will deliver the topic rice koji powder now. In a manufacturing method called "mortar lid construction" which requires advanced technique by manual workTamago or special rice koji made with carefully prepared enzyme potatoes from Yonezawa Prefecture · Yonezawa rice,It was carefully dried at low temperature so as not to destroy the enzyme, and it was processed into easy-to-use powder. It can be used not only as a seasoning or hidden taste but also as a material for sweets and bread making. Furthermore, since no synthetic additives are used,Recently, it is attracting attention as a material of hand cosmetic lotion which is good for beauty.


What is "enzyme"

 Recently, "enzyme" attracting attention in various fields such as health and beauty.Rice koji is a topical ingredient now containing a lot of this enzyme. So what is an enzyme in the first place? A major role of the enzyme is to help decompose and digest food. But not only that, it protects your body from breathing, waste discharge, and virusesIt also plays a major role in improving immunity. Furthermore, because it also has the effect of producing oligosaccharides etc., which are favorites of "good bacteria" in the intestine,It helps to prepare intestinal environment (intestinal flora). Thus, enzymes are indispensable for maintaining human 'life force'. However, since enzymes in the body decrease with age,It is said that it is necessary to supplement the missing enzyme firmly from the outside. Tadashi's rice koji powder, in order not to lower enzyme titer,We are carefully powder-processed at low-temperature drying, so that the power of the enzyme is exhaustedIt can be incorporated into the body.


Voice of staff

Rice koji powder carefully powdered rice koji packed with a lot of enzyme power. The only thing that can be used not only for foods but also for handmade lotions,It is because it is a saddle without additives.Please feel the natural grace of Yukozawa Snow country by all means.


Rice koji powder 100 g - Rice covered rice flour powder (Yamagata prefecture · Yonezawa rice use) Otama and special use recommended usage

  You can use it as a material such as sweet sake and salt koji.Besides, put in soup, drinks such as miso soup and smoothies,You can eat deliciously even if you put it in stir-fry. In addition, it can be used as a material for lotion. Place 25 g of rice koji powder in 250 ml of water warmed to about 60 ° C and leave it for 2 to 3 hours.After that, it is finished after filtering with a toothpaste.


Rice koji powder 100 g - Rice covered rice flour powder (Yamagata prefecture · Yonezawa rice use) Otama and special producer "Otama"

  Tadami was founded in Yamagata Prefecture Yonezawa in Tenpo 3 years (1892)It is a long-established fermented food manufacturer with "Akihabara miso brewing" in its roots. "Traditional technologies" and "Excellent craftsmanship" that have been handed down since its foundingEven now it is handed down to the generation of the present age, and its technology continues to evolve constantly. But what does not change whether the times change ...What we say most importantly is "people's warmth and affection".That feeling has never changed, both in the past and now. Snow Country Yonezawa's pure water and nature's blessing.We will deliver genuine taste.


Rice koji powder 100 g - Rice covered rice flour powder (Yamagata prefecture · Yonezawa rice use) Oatami and special care points

 · Ingredients: rice (domestic)Capacity: 100 g· Expiration date: 1 year stored in the dark· Please use after opening as soon as possible. ※ synthetic additives are not used at all.※ When you use as a lotion etc, perform patch test with the back of the hand etc, please use it at the customer's responsibility.※ Please make appliances · cloth · hands etc. clean enough and careful not to get germs etc.【This item is shipped by Kuroneko Mail facilities】· We deliver it by envelope in a simplified way.· Products will be posted to your home post.(Even if the theft or damage of goods occurs after post posting,We can not refund or exchange, so please be patient. )· Delivery days are about 1 ~ 2 days. Depending on the area, it may take about one week.· We will adjust and ship as much as possible so that you will arrive on the date of arrival of your choice,Delivery with precise wearing date and time zone designation is not available.· Payment by cash on delivery is not possible. 
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